purchasing Wisconsin Ginseng with the seal

The Wisconsin Seal program is a two decade-old program meant to help consumers identify products with pure Wisconsin Ginseng. Packaged products bearing the official Wisconsin Seal® must contain 100 percent pure Wisconsin Ginseng, grown and harvested in Wisconsin.

"These distributors have been carefully selected to assure that they will provide quality to their customers. These partnerships will assure customers that they are getting the highest quality American ginseng when they purchase their products from these distributors." Joe Heil, President, GBW


ginseng industry list of authorized seal distributors in the us,china, Taiwan, and japan

In order to maintain control of its ginseng and prevent continued trade piracy of the highly sought after Wisconsin Ginseng, the industry has selected regional distributors for sales of Wisconsin Ginseng and use of the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin Seal. The distributors are:


  • The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin is in the process of identifing new distributors in the country of China. Please watch for further announcements.


  • Juien Guien Trading Company, LTD was selected as the sole distributor for Wisconsin Ginseng for Taiwan. This company has an island wide distribution network and long experience in dealing with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

United states

  • Ginseng & Herb Cooperative-Located in Marathon, Wisconsin.
  • Prince of Peace- In the U.S., Prince of Peace is a very popular brand of American ginseng sold in Asian markets throughout the U.S.
  • Great Neck Healthy Food Company - Concentrating its sales on the east coast of the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong. Great Neck Healthy Food Company is very particular about the type of ginseng it sells.